Our Top Five Mogul Cocktails

Our Top Five Mogul Cocktails

Our top five Mogul cocktails, but the possibilities are endless. That’s what we love about our Spritz Liqueur, make it your way, to your taste. Keep it simple or make it fancy, you do you. Enjoy!

The Classic Mogul Spritz

There is a lot to be said for sticking to the classics. You just can’t go wrong. which is why the traditional 3, 2, 1 spritz mix recipe is coming in strong as our number one. Starting with three parts prosecco, giving the cocktail it’s light bubbly body, coupled with two parts of Mogul Spritz Liqueur. Choose your favourite flavour -Citrus Lemon, Blood Orange or Pink Grapefruit, to give the drink an overall vibrant zing of fresh fruit, topped off with one part soda water to balance out the flavours. Delicious and perfect every time. We like to garnish our Citrus Lemon with some crushed mint, sliced lemon and a sprig of Rosemary. Want to level up, then why not pop open the champagne and switch out the prosecco.

Mogul Lemon Drop Martini

If lemon is your go to flavour then this cocktail is for you. Hitting your pallet with the strong fresh flavours of the Amalfi coastline. Two parts Mogul Citrus Lemon Liqueur shaken up with ice and one part vodka, a squeeze of lemon juice and a splash of simple syrup. Dip your martini glass rim in sugar and lemon to really impress your guests. The 100% natural fruit flavour burst in this cocktail will have you going back for more.

Mogul Blood Orange Margarita

This Mexican classic cocktail is tart and zingy, perfect for conjuring up summery holiday feelings. And what’s even better is that it couldn’t be easier to make. Shake up two parts Tequila with one part Mogul Blood Orange Spritz Liqueur and a generous squeeze of fresh lime. That’s it, simple, just pour over crushed ice and enjoy. Drop in a scoop of orange sorbet to add to the fun. If orange isn’t your thing then give our Citrus Lemon Liqueur a go.

Mogul Negroni

For the perfect Mogul Negroni all you need is balance. Equal parts gin, vermouth and Mogul Blood Orange coming together in a tumbler of ice, creating the perfect trio. Garnish with a slice of blood orange. Our top tip for the best Negroni is to stir the ingredients together, not shake, to ensure the best mouthfeel.

Mogul Paper Plane

A new comer on the block, the Paper Plane cocktail was only invented in 2008 but has quickly become a bartender favourite. Add equal parts bourbon, Mogul Blood Orange, Amaro Nonino and lemon juice into a shaker with ice and shake until well-chilled. This cocktail balances bitter, sour and herbal notes perfectly making it a great gateway cocktail if you’re not usually a whiskey drinker.

Mogul Spritz Liqueur is all about creating sophisticated, delicious, fruit forward cocktails – a spritz less ordinary! Have a go yourself and let us know your favourite.

Mogul Citrus Lemon Spritz Liqueur