Mogul Citrus Lemon Spritz Liqueur

Citrus Lemon

When it comes to the spritz experience, the usual isn’t our thing.  MOGUL Citrus Lemon Spritz Liqueur is shaking things up. Experience sophisticated flavours made from 100% quality ingredients and natural fruit, making it reassuringly different and refreshingly disobedient.

Speaking of, we’ve included the tastiest and most natural Amalfi lemon juice, grown up juniper and finished it all off with Italian Red Bitters, also know as ‘the salt and pepper’ of the drinks world.

We love it and we know you will to!

Best way to serve?  A classic 3, 2, 1 Spritz!  3 parts fizz, 2 parts MOGUL Spritz Liqueur, 1 part soda water.   Why end there, garnish your way…

…perhaps some crushed mint packed into you glass, a fragrant sprig of rosemary or a chunky slice of fresh lemon.

Put simply, we’re redefining the spritz experience. Are you ready to leave normal behind for something altogether more sophisticated and unique?

“WOW, just wow, this is divine, so refreshing, I could drink and drink and drink this” 


Mogul Blood Orange Spritz Liqueur

Blood Orange

Between you and us, the traditional spritz experience is getting a little boring. Middle of the road, and artificial orange! Same spritz, different day.

Mix it up! Try MOGUL blood orange Spritz Liqueur! For drinkers looking for something a little more original and distinctive.

With real Italian Blood Orange, a hint of scottish raspberry and refreshing Italian Red Bitters, you won’t want to miss this one. Orange forward, fresh and delicious!

100% natural fruit ingredients and colour, it’s a brave alternative to you know who. Is it for everyone? Probably not, but neither are we. And thats just how we like it.

Serve as a 3, 2, 1 spritz. Your favourite fizz, MOGUL Spritz Liqueur and soda water. Want to make it even more special? Think Thai sweet basil, orange wedge and fresh raspberry to garnish!

Spritz redefined

“I wasn’t expecting this to be so good, the Blood Orange is a great flavour”.

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Mogul Pink Grapefruit Spritz Liqueur

Pink Grapefruit

You know more than anyone that the spritz cocktail is pretty much tied up by you-know-who. We think it’s time for a shake-up. Something new and exciting to breathe new life into the spritz market.

This is MOGUL Pink Grapefruit Spritz Liqueur. A different, more sophisticated spritz choice for discerning drinkers.

Made with 100% natural fruit ingredients. Fresh Pink Grapefruit with East Asian Yuzu, finished with a well round Italian Red Bitter for a little added sophistication. Think bitter grapefruit, tangy lemon and sweet orange flavours…

And yep, you’ve guessed it, served as a cracking 3, 2, 1 original (and the best) spritz! But don’t stop there, garnish your way; grapefruit slice and rosemary sprig has our vote!

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