May your Spritz Bloom this Summer


At MOGUL we are all about elevating the Spritz experience. We think, gone are the days of artificial flavours, additives and colours in your cocktails. Discerning drinkers now want natural fruit flavours, natural colours and something a little bit special. A premium alternative to the norm.

And what better way to complement your Mogul Spritz, than by adding natural beauty, vibrancy and unique flavour with edible flowers.

The rising trend of edible flowers has grown with the rise of food tourism alongside the growth of social media platforms. Social conversations about edible flowers have increased 22% over the past year according to Tastewise. Do you use them in your creations?

With this in mind, Sara caught up with Yorkshire based edible flower business, The Petal Factory to find out more.

Tell us about The Petal Factory?

“Hi, Leanne and Vicki here from The Petal Factory. Our edible flowers are grown with love and care in our Yorkshire field. Picked by our own fair hands and sold either fresh, pressed, dehydrated or dried, we are in charge at every stage. We work in harmony with nature, not against it, to create beautifully British edible produce. We are proud to supply a vast range of clients including bars, restaurants, caterers, cake makers and more, who use our petals in wonderful ways!

At The Petal Factory, we grow a range of varieties of edible flowers from soft pastel whites, blues and pinks to bright purples, oranges and red. Edible flowers add a visually captivating element to cocktails, dishes and bakes, making them more appealing to the eyes, heightening the customer experience, as well as making them social media worthy for all important marketing content!”

Why do you think edible flowers are becoming more popular?

“Edible flowers have long been used in the culinary space for their aesthetic beauty and delicate flavours. However, their incorporation into cocktails is a relatively recent trend that has captured the imagination of bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts alike.

The variety of edible flowers available allows mixologists to experiment with different flavours and textures, adding depth and complexity to their concoctions. One reason we are seeing the rising popularity of edible flowers in cocktails is their ability to impart unique flavours and aromas. Each type of flower brings its own distinct character to the drink, whether it’s the subtle sweetness of violas, the honey like taste of borage or the peppery undertones of cornflowers. By carefully selecting and combining various blooms, bartenders can create cocktails that are not only visually stunning but also tantalizing to the taste buds. We can’t ignore the desire of consumers for all things Instagram-worthy, and edible flowers are just that.

“We, at The Petal Factory, also realise there is a growing interest in sustainable and organic eating as consumers want a deeper connection to nature in the kitchen. Edible flowers offer a natural and eco-friendly way to embellish and decorate dishes and drinks. Our petals are grown with love in Yorkshire, using no nasties and grown and packaged as sustainably as possible too.”

What is your favour edible flower to use in cocktails and why?

“It would have to be violas. They have a subtle  flavour which works perfectly with most ingredients. It makes them a really great flower to play around with in your cocktails if you are new to using edible flowers. They look stunning too.

Others we love, further into the season, are borage and cornflowers. They add different flavour profiles which make them really interesting. Borage with its honey like taste and cornflowers with a slight sweet-spice bite.”

How would you garnish a MOGUL Spritz with your edible flowers?

Citrus Lemon – Add a lush sprig of rosemary and our deep bluey purple violas for added flavour and a bright contrasting colour to your Citrus Lemon Spritz.

Blood Orange-  Garnish your refreshing blood orange MOGUL with a mix of soft and bright purple edible petals that will stand out perfectly against your natural  orange liqueur.

Pink Grapefruit– Garnish your Pink Grapefruit Mogul Spritz creations with a delicate assortment of pink and white edible violas and cornflowers for a stunning looking drink that will taste amazing too.

If you use edible flowers in your bar and give them a go in your MOGUL Spritz this Summer be sure to send us your pictures of tag as @mogul_drinks_redefined

To find out more about The Petal Factory visit:

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