Meet the Distributor

Sara and Rob caught up with Stewart Taylor from Inn Express Independent Wholesale Distributor to find out a little more about the Account Manager for Bath. If you are a MOGUL stockist in the Bath area then Stewart will be knocking on your door very soon.

What is it that you like about working in the drinks industry?

The people, their passion and the fantastic array of products we work with and have access to. There are some very creative minds in this amazing industry.

What’s your favourite drink or category?

Tricky question as I have the opportunity to learn about and taste many- Depending on the moment, I’m a sucker for a quality German Helles or a light refreshing IPA. I love Wines and exploring new world wines and different grape varietals. Classic cocktails for treats and of course an amazing Spritz for those fun times!

Tell us about Inn Express and what makes you the right distributor to work with?

Understanding our ever-developing market is key. Being Independent we have the ability to maintain a strong, on trend portfolio with the flexibility to work quicker, smarter, and harder. Customer service is No1 on our agenda, so we champion strong relationships, with both customers and suppliers alike. It’s the bedrock of us being a successful business.

What’s really topical for you at the moment?

Coming into Spring we are seeing an uptake in Premium Wines (especially bubbles) as lists change, Continental/World beers in particular. Our customers are looking for those particular quality products to enhance their lists and spice up the offering for their customers.

What are the top 3 drinks trends for this summer?

Premium Spritz, Premium Spritz, Premium Spritz.

…and we didn’t even pay or prompt him to say that 🙂