Mogul Spritz coming to a bar near you

Introducing Mogul Spritz Liqueur, the new premium drink that needs to feature on every on-trade back bar this Spring/Summer Season. Why? Because aren’t you sick of the same old boring commodity spritz that is out there?

If Mogul is not stocked in your bar, then it most certainly will be coming to a bar near you, so don’t miss out.

Mogul Spritz Liqueur offers your discerning drinkers an altogether more sophisticated experience. With 100% natural fruit flavours and no artificial colours it is something to be savoured. It offers the ease of making the perfect spritz every time whilst also offering the versatility to level up all your favourite cocktail recipes.

With a 25% ABV drawing out the natural fruit flavours, this liqueur really packs a punch of real Amalfi Citrus Lemon, Italian Blood Orange or Pink Grapefruit, like no other out there. Which flavour will be your favourite? That’s right, there is a plethora of choice, unlike the current market status quo.

Be one of the first to enhance your Spritz offering – get in touch today to arrange your sampling experience.


3 Bottles of Mogul Spritz Liqueur