Spritz and Charcuterie: the perfect pair

Bringing together delicious and complimentary food and drink pairings can not only enhance your dining experience and customer satisfaction this Summer, but also significantly boost your revenue. What’s not to like.

When offered curated pairings, customers are more likely to indulge in premium selections, driving up the average spend. These thoughtfully combined offerings not only highlight the unique flavours of both the food and the drinks but also create memorable experiences that encourage repeat business. Upsell and cross-sell your way through Summer.

Sara from MOGUL Drinks caught up with Dave Nelson from Truffle and Thyme, a Wiltshire based grazing and catering business to discuss the best food pairings for the MOGUL Spritz.

Dave started by suggesting that “The light, bubbly nature of spritz, would work beautifully with the richness of charcuterie, while the bitter and sweet notes enhance the flavours of the cured meats and cheeses.

Spritz and charcuterie boards offer endless customisation. You can tailor the selections to suit the season, the occasion, or your venue giving you and your customers great versatility in taste and experience.”

Dave went onto say “While both are relatively straightforward to prepare, together they create an impression of effort and elegance, perfect for creating memorable experiences but also great for busy venues.”

Tell us a little about Truffle & Thyme?

“We’re a Wiltshire based catering company that specialise in relaxed catering. We love to use colour, flavour and texture to create food that doesn’t just taste delicious, but looks amazing as well.”

Why do you think grazing has seen such a surge in popularity over the last few years?

“Grazing appeared on our shores in about 2016, and it’s basically a reinvention of the rather sad looking beige buffet of the 1970s. With so many incredible artisan producers these days, Grazing gives the perfect opportunity to showcase them.”

Spritz makes a perfect Summer serve, why is this also true for Charcuterie and grazing?

“In the warmer weather (when the great British Summer finally decides to arrive) we can often not feel like eating a heavy meal, so grazing is a perfect alternative, providing a lighter alternative but still packed with flavours.”

What food would you pair with each of our flavours?

The Citrus Lemon with Juniper – would pair really well with Trethowan Brother’s Gorwydd Caerphilly cheese. It’s lovely and light, with a crumbly texture and fresh lemony flavour notes. Delicious!

Blood Orange with Raspberry – I’m going for a dessert for this one; perfect with a summer meringue with berries and citrus fruits.

Pink Grapefruit and Yuzu – This time of year our menus often have a lot of prawns, which we often cook with Asian ingredients, so this one would pair very nicely.


If you’re thinking of leveraging all the advantages that come with pairing Spritz and food this Summer then get in touch and see how we can support your Bottomless Bunch to your Sunday Specials.

To find out more about Truffle and Thyme visit their website.