May your Spritz Bloom this Summer

May your Spritz Bloom this Summer


At MOGUL we are all about elevating the Spritz experience. We think, gone are the days of artificial flavours, additives and colours in your cocktails. Discerning drinkers now want natural fruit flavours, natural colours and something a little bit special. A premium alternative to the norm.

And what better way to complement your Mogul Spritz, than by adding natural beauty, vibrancy and unique flavour with edible flowers.

The rising trend of edible flowers has grown with the rise of food tourism alongside the growth of social media platforms. Social conversations about edible flowers have increased 22% over the past year according to Tastewise. Do you use them in your creations?

With this in mind, Sara caught up with Yorkshire based edible flower business, The Petal Factory to find out more.

Tell us about The Petal Factory?

“Hi, Leanne and Vicki here from The Petal Factory. Our edible flowers are grown with love and care in our Yorkshire field. Picked by our own fair hands and sold either fresh, pressed, dehydrated or dried, we are in charge at every stage. We work in harmony with nature, not against it, to create beautifully British edible produce. We are proud to supply a vast range of clients including bars, restaurants, caterers, cake makers and more, who use our petals in wonderful ways!

At The Petal Factory, we grow a range of varieties of edible flowers from soft pastel whites, blues and pinks to bright purples, oranges and red. Edible flowers add a visually captivating element to cocktails, dishes and bakes, making them more appealing to the eyes, heightening the customer experience, as well as making them social media worthy for all important marketing content!”

Why do you think edible flowers are becoming more popular?

“Edible flowers have long been used in the culinary space for their aesthetic beauty and delicate flavours. However, their incorporation into cocktails is a relatively recent trend that has captured the imagination of bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts alike.

The variety of edible flowers available allows mixologists to experiment with different flavours and textures, adding depth and complexity to their concoctions. One reason we are seeing the rising popularity of edible flowers in cocktails is their ability to impart unique flavours and aromas. Each type of flower brings its own distinct character to the drink, whether it’s the subtle sweetness of violas, the honey like taste of borage or the peppery undertones of cornflowers. By carefully selecting and combining various blooms, bartenders can create cocktails that are not only visually stunning but also tantalizing to the taste buds. We can’t ignore the desire of consumers for all things Instagram-worthy, and edible flowers are just that.

“We, at The Petal Factory, also realise there is a growing interest in sustainable and organic eating as consumers want a deeper connection to nature in the kitchen. Edible flowers offer a natural and eco-friendly way to embellish and decorate dishes and drinks. Our petals are grown with love in Yorkshire, using no nasties and grown and packaged as sustainably as possible too.”

What is your favour edible flower to use in cocktails and why?

“It would have to be violas. They have a subtle  flavour which works perfectly with most ingredients. It makes them a really great flower to play around with in your cocktails if you are new to using edible flowers. They look stunning too.

Others we love, further into the season, are borage and cornflowers. They add different flavour profiles which make them really interesting. Borage with its honey like taste and cornflowers with a slight sweet-spice bite.”

How would you garnish a MOGUL Spritz with your edible flowers?

Citrus Lemon – Add a lush sprig of rosemary and our deep bluey purple violas for added flavour and a bright contrasting colour to your Citrus Lemon Spritz.

Blood Orange-  Garnish your refreshing blood orange MOGUL with a mix of soft and bright purple edible petals that will stand out perfectly against your natural  orange liqueur.

Pink Grapefruit– Garnish your Pink Grapefruit Mogul Spritz creations with a delicate assortment of pink and white edible violas and cornflowers for a stunning looking drink that will taste amazing too.

If you use edible flowers in your bar and give them a go in your MOGUL Spritz this Summer be sure to send us your pictures of tag as @mogul_drinks_redefined

To find out more about The Petal Factory visit:

3 Bottles of Mogul Spritz Liqueur
The Oldest Hotel with the Newest Drink

The Oldest Hotel with the Newest Drink

You can now enjoy a MOGUL Spritz in the oldest hotel in the country, The Old Bell Hotel in Malmesbury on the edge of the Cotswolds. With its stunning décor, warm ambiance, and history, you are sure to relax and enjoy a good time with friends, making MOGUL the perfect accompaniment.

The Old Bell have embraced the spirit of MOGUL Spritz, exploring new opportunities throughout the hotel to trade up their spritz offering, meeting the desires of their discerning customers. From their cocktail menu, to summer parties and wedding packages.

Sara from MOGUL Drinks caught up with Alex Hall- Davis, Events Manager for The Old Bell to find out how MOGUL was going to play a key part to their Summer, to make the most of the peak season ahead:

Alex Hall- Davis, Events Manager for The Old Bell said:

“When customers stay with us, especially if it’s for a treat or getaway, they want something different to the same old drinks and experiences they can have at home, they want something special, MOGUL fits perfectly for this. With Summer just around the corner we are excited to be running our Summer Series of Spritz parties in collaboration with them. Live music, good food and MOGUL Spritz all round, they are set to be the not-to-be missed event of the season.”

What is it about MOGUL Spritz that fits so well with The Old Bell?

“Summer is synonymous with the Spritz but MOGUL in particular works for us because it is a premium offering for our high-end clientele. More so than that, we love its versatility. We not only feature them on our cocktail menu, but we are going to host Summer events in collaboration with MOGUL where we will be serving not just the classic spritz but experimenting with ideas such as MOGUL Sorbet for a Spritz float. It’s versatile, fun and premium which makes it perfect for us.”

Once Summer is over, how do you see MOGUL featuring at The Old Bell?

“We have already included MOGUL in our wedding packages. It’s the perfect option for an upgraded welcome drink. People want their weddings to be special and unique so it’s important we offer them drinks that reflect that.”

“I also know our incredible mixologist Paulo will come up with some delicious MOGUL winter cocktails.”

What’s your top tip, insight or trend that you would share with others in the industry?

“I’ve been running events in hospitality for many years and one change we have seen over the years is the introduction of social media. Events now need to be ‘instagrammable’ and give customers the opportunity to create beautiful photos to capture the good times and memories. This is great for exposure of the hotel, but it means we need to consider this when planning our events to ensure we create photo worthy moments and experiences. This is another reason we wanted to work with MOGUL as they understand this, with their focus being on experience over excess.”


The Summer Series at The Old Bell are set to be Summer defining events with, the first happening on 29th June. If you want to collaborate with MOGUL on making this Summer your best one yet then get in touch – 

Meet the Distributor

Meet the Distributor

Sara and Rob caught up with Stewart Taylor from Inn Express Independent Wholesale Distributor to find out a little more about the Account Manager for Bath. If you are a MOGUL stockist in the Bath area then Stewart will be knocking on your door very soon.

What is it that you like about working in the drinks industry?

The people, their passion and the fantastic array of products we work with and have access to. There are some very creative minds in this amazing industry.

What’s your favourite drink or category?

Tricky question as I have the opportunity to learn about and taste many- Depending on the moment, I’m a sucker for a quality German Helles or a light refreshing IPA. I love Wines and exploring new world wines and different grape varietals. Classic cocktails for treats and of course an amazing Spritz for those fun times!

Tell us about Inn Express and what makes you the right distributor to work with?

Understanding our ever-developing market is key. Being Independent we have the ability to maintain a strong, on trend portfolio with the flexibility to work quicker, smarter, and harder. Customer service is No1 on our agenda, so we champion strong relationships, with both customers and suppliers alike. It’s the bedrock of us being a successful business.

What’s really topical for you at the moment?

Coming into Spring we are seeing an uptake in Premium Wines (especially bubbles) as lists change, Continental/World beers in particular. Our customers are looking for those particular quality products to enhance their lists and spice up the offering for their customers.

What are the top 3 drinks trends for this summer?

Premium Spritz, Premium Spritz, Premium Spritz.

…and we didn’t even pay or prompt him to say that 🙂


Buddy Bonus

Buddy Bonus

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Lets face it, if you’re in the hospitality industry you probably know a few like minded folks. We want to meet your buddies and we’ll give you a bonus! 

Introduce us to another bar, restaurant or hotel  and get a case of MOGUL on us, when they place their first order! T&C’s apply.


Terms & Conditions

  • Introduction includes either a face to face meeting or via email –
  • The referrer (existing MOGUL customer) must get permission from the referee (potential new MOGUL customer) before sending introductory email or arranging a meeting. 
  • One case (6 bottles) of one flavour of your choice (subject to availability) will be gifted on receipt of the first order from the referee (new customer).
  • MOGUL Drinks Ltd reserves the right to not work with or service a potential customer if they so choose.

Work with us, your way

Work with us, your way

Here are just a handful of ways you can make the most out of working with us at MOGUL, to bring the Spritz experience to your venue this summer.

Want to give one a go? Got your own ideas? Get in touch and see how we can help you bring them to life, to give your customers a spritz experience, less ordinary.


Why not spritz up your wedding and events packages this wedding season with something altogether less ordinary? Level up your wedding welcome drinks from the standard prosecco to a MOGUL Spritz. Something fancy for them and a little extra for you.

Outdoor bar experience

Why not turn your poolside or garden bar into a Spritz bar this summer? Bringing the Summer synonymous beverage to your beautiful outside spaces. Poolside spritz anyone?

National Spritz Day

Make sure you have 1st August in your diaries! National Spritz Day makes for the perfect opportunity to offer a little something extra to your customers with bespoke cocktail menus, spritz masterclasses and more.

Cocktail Making Masterclass

Do you offer Cocktail making masterclasses to your clientele? If not, it is a great way to provide an engaging and interactive experience, offering your discerning drinkers the opportunity to learn a new skill and share in memory making moments with friends. A win-win for you as customers get an enhanced experience while you get

Themed events

I would challenge you to find a more versatile cocktail – perfect to pair with your events. Whether you are hosting a summer garden party or an Italian inspired dinning occasion or why not start a spritz tasting soiree.

You know your venue best, bring us your ideas and see how we can help. 

Spritz, redefined.