The Spritz, one drink wonder or a movement?

You won’t be surprised to hear we say movement and it’s on the rise! And here’s why…

In recent years, the spritz market has witnessed an unprecedented surge in popularity, transforming from a simple cocktail into a cultural phenomenon. Cocktail trends come and go, but some classics withstand the test of time, such as the delightful spritz, charming both seasoned connoisseurs and newcomers alike.
While all cocktails are experiencing a boom right now, the spritz serve should be an essential mix for your menu this summer and beyond. Why you ask? Simple.

Versatility – mix it up

The spritz, with its balanced combination of fizz, soda, and liqueur, offers a versatile canvas for mixologists and consumers alike. Whether you choose to mix with prosecco, wine or champagne you can adapt this refreshing serve to your taste and to your venues price point. You can try innovative variations incorporating unique fruits and herbs, catering to a spectrum of taste preferences. Which is why at MOGUL Drinks we offer three flavours, giving your customers choice. Which cocktail flavours do you usually choose? Zesty, sweet or sour? We have something for everyone.

A spritz for every occasion

The spritz perfectly complements outdoor and daytime occasions. Whether sipped by the pool, enjoyed during brunch, or savoured at a garden party, its light and bubbly nature harmonises with the relaxed, sun-soaked atmosphere of these settings. But the spritz serve is so much more than the summer vibes it is synonymous with. Why not enjoy as part of your venues wedding package for welcome drinks, or experiment as a hot toddy in winter? Share your experimental creations with us on Instagram to be in with a chance of winning cocktail of the year!

Experience over excess

Drinking trends have changed, people want to drink less, seek quality and more meaningful experiences (rather than downing drinks and forgotten memories!) This leads to consumers gravitating toward premium, higher quality drinks, as they bid to cut out cheap and unnecessary additives. Venues therefore need to ensure their cocktail menus offer premium, fresh options as there are fewer opportunities per customer to capture their hard earnt money.

Instagrammable Aesthetic

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay and can play a huge part in boosting your venues popularity and awareness. A tag or two can go a long way in boosting your venues credibility and popularity. Social media has played a pivotal role in the spritz’s meteoric rise. Its colours, garnishes, and iconic glassware make it an Instagram-worthy libation. As consumers increasingly seek visually appealing experiences, the spritz effortlessly aligns with the desire for shareable, aesthetically pleasing content alongside your aesthetically pleasing venue.

In a world marked by constant change and fleeting trends, the spritz stands as a beacon of timeless elegance—a testament to the enduring allure of simplicity, sophistication, and the art of savouring life’s simple pleasures, one refreshing sip at a time. So, let us raise our glasses once more, and toast to the spritz: a classic reborn, and a journey just begun.