Mogul Citrus Lemon Spritz Liqueur

Time for a more grown up spritz experience

You know more than anyone that the spritz market is pretty much tied up by you-know-who. We think it’s time for a shake-up. Something new and exciting to breathe new life into the spritz market.

This is MOGUL Spritz Liqueur. A different, more sophisticated spritz choice for discerning drinkers. 100% natural fruit ingredients. Three tempting flavours. And yes, as you may have noticed, it’s not a bright artificial orange. It’s a natural, subtle colour, just as it should be.

With a higher ABV it’s a more sophisticated choice, celebrating quality over quantity, experience of excess. For you, it means a more premium price point. And a new, unique cocktail drink to offer your clientele.


Want to enjoy a sample? Hear our story? Experience MOGUL first? Just drop us a message and let us know. We’ll do everything else.

MOGUL Spritz Liqueur is redefining the spritz market. And you could be one of the first to be part of it.

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